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Implementation Steps & FAQ

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Implementation Steps & FAQ

Implementation Process


Employer provides an employee census, and we will generate an analysis/proposal with personalized savings.

Step 1

Implementation Process


Employer will execute the Plan Documents.

Step 2

Implementation Process


All employees will be sent instructions for online registration, how to use the benefits, and the option to speak with an enrollment counselor. (If an employee wishes not to enroll, they can opt-out.)

Step 3

Implementation Process


Plan TPA will contact your payroll company to provide them with the enrolled employees' adjusted numbers.

Step 4

Implementation Process


Employees and employer will see the paycheck tax savings the following month.

Step 5

Implementation Process


Employer savings statements are provided monthly and invoice is sent and benefits go live for the employees.

Step 6

Implementation Process


Action Items

➔ Initial Employee Census:
To produce a proposal/analysis
➔ Request for Coverage (RFC):
Company information form completed
➔ Plan documents
sent to client and signed by client
➔ Final Census completed
with final information including employee contact information
➔ Set up enrollment logistics call
with client
Implementation Steps & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The Champ Plan is a Qualified Section 125 Supplemental Insurance Plan. Contributions are withheld on a pretax basis, thereby lowering taxable income, which means employees pay less in Federal Income Tax and Medicare and Social Security taxes. Pretax deductions also reduce the employer portion of Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) taxes and the amount businesses owe in Federal Unemployment tax.

First Health Network, founded in 1982, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aetna Health Holdings. First Health Network currently has over 5,000 employees and is a premier national network with superior access and value in urban, suburban, and rural markets. This NCQA-accredited network includes over 5,900 hospitals, more than 124,000 ancillary locations, and nearly 800,000 physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Yes. For businesses that would like to purchase tax insurance, we have options to help.

Nearly any full-time W-2 employee, minimum of 30 hrs. per week, may qualify to participate in a Section 125 employer-sponsored plan. U.S. employers of all types can sponsor a Section 125 plan and permit their employees to pay for qualified benefits on a pretax basis.

It does not negatively impact or change your current Major Medical plan. The Champ Plan will only enhance or complement it. Whether you have a higher or lower deductible Major Medical plan, The Champ Plan will step in and fill the deductible gaps, and provide guaranteed virtual benefits that offer conveniences not available by your existing Major Medical Plan.

We provide all employees with an electronic ID card available through “The Health Wallet” mobile application that can be presented at the time of service. In addition, we also send out a physical ID card that can also be presented at the time of service.


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The Critical Need for Supplemental Employee Benefits in the U.S.
Improving benefits and staying competitive when inflation, plan costs, and changing preferences erode employee loyalty and happiness.